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Stuffed toy
A stuffed toy is a toy with an outer fabric sewn from a textile and then stuffed with a flexible material. In North American English, they are variously referred to as plush toys, stuffed animals, plushies, snuggies, stuffies, or snuggled animals. In British English, they are soft toys or cuddly toys. The toys developed in their current form in the early years of the 20th century and have remained consistently popular with children throughout. Different fads have caused specific toys to surge in popularity among adults and collectors. Noticeable examples includeTickle Me Elmo and Beanie Babies. Textiles commonly used include plain cloth and pile textiles like plush or terrycloth. Common stuffing materials are synthetic fiberbatting, cotton, straw, wood wool, plastic pellets or beans. Stuffed toys are made in many different forms, often resembling real animals (sometimes with exaggerated proportions), legendary creatures, cartoon characters or inanimate objects. They can be used ascomfort objects, for display or for collecting; or given as gifts, such as for graduation, Valentine's Day or birthdays.
D kingHistory
The first commercial concern to create stuffed toys was the German Steiff company in 1880. Steiff used new technology developed for upholstery to make their stuffed toys. In 1892, the Ithaca Kitty became one of the first mass-produced stuffed animal toys in the United States.[2] In 1903 Richard Steiff designed a soft bear that differed from earlier traditional rag dolls, because it was made of plush furlike fabric. At the same time in the USA, Morris Michtom created the first teddy bear, after being inspired by a drawing of Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt with a bear cub. The character Peter Rabbitfrom English author Beatrix Potter was the first stuffed toy to be patented, in 1903.
Replica of a Steiff teddy bear from 1903
Yangzhou City-China plush toys gift cityD king
In the 1950s, the yangzhou area began to make plush toys, but only a few state-owned toy factories, with little production.After the reform and opening up, township enterprises everywhere began to develop gradually.Since the beginning of the 1980s, the former west lake town of Weiyang district has produced a number of enterprises that have started to make plush toys. In addition to the local plush toy production experience, the large number of laid-off rural women labor, also promoted the growth of the plush toy industry.Now the town of west lake, which has changed its name to Weiyang district, has become a new urban area of yangzhou.The plush toy in Weiyang district has formed a complete industrial chain.In the area of 50 square kilometers, the industry is highly concentrated, and has already begun to extend to neighboring Yizheng, Hanjiang and even neighboring Anhui provice.On April 28, 2006, China light industry association awarded the dimension of yangzhou area "China plush toys gift city" title, which laid the the status of the cluster of plush toys industry being the No.1 in China .Now, in the hearts of domestic and foreign merchants and tourists, the concept of "plush toys in China " has become a consensus.The 2008 Beijing Olympic mascot "fuwa", the promotion plush toys are all from our Yangzhou city.


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