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Stuffed toys: cute hidden behind

  • Categories:EXPO
  • Time of issue:2018-01-29 11:23

Stuffed toys: cute hidden behind

  • Categories:EXPO
  • Time of issue:2018-01-29 11:23

A, the problem: raw materials, parts are not up to the great harm to the human body

December 12, the public Zhang Xue Li came to Dongxing District Feng Wo Street toy store returned a plush toy, she said: "Spend 65 yuan to buy the plush doll, only a few days there was a musty smell, the child holding After going to bed the body has long erythema, is certainly a problem with product quality. "

Zou Ju, a citizen who is picking toys aside, said she had bought a large plush toy for her children before. One of the parts did not drop out and fell on the ground, giving children who do not know how to eat it.

Toy dealer Zhang Ze-end said that some manufacturers use banned medical cotton or medical gauze, industrial waste, cotton linters, waste clothing and moldy spoons of fiber, health is not up to standard. Children close contact, it is easy to tears, erythema, diarrhea, and even lead to lung infections and other issues. In addition, part of the plush toys attached to the small parts of the tension is not standard, easily off, once the children eat, the consequences could be disastrous.

B, reminder: pay attention to product specifications, details and care

Reporter access to information found that, in accordance with the "National Toy Safety Technical Code" provides that from June 2007 on the stroller, electric toys, plastic toys, catapult toys, plush dolls and metal toys, etc., to enforce the "3C" certification system . And, qualified toys must indicate the name of the manufacturer, site, trademark, the main material or composition, the use of age, safety warnings, the implementation of standard code, product certification and so on.

Zhang Ze-end said: "A lot of regulatory principles, standards, customers may not remember the time of purchase. The easiest way to buy is to view the packaging and trademarks, regular manufacturers of plush toys, product descriptions will be itemized.

In addition, members of the public can carefully observe and touch the plush toy fabric. Take the toy in your hand and forcefully follow the direction of natural coverage of the plush, with the result that the plush does not depilate, there is no color difference, no bottomless, no moth-eaten, no moldy and rotten, better. Conversely, if the plush "explosive" shape, there are some confused stripes, then the fabric does not meet the standard. Under normal circumstances, the plush toy fabric is divided into two kinds of pure wool and chemical fiber, pure wool fabric high prices, but also easy to be moth-eaten, it is recommended that citizens try not to use.

There are some products, there is a "skew" when buying, some pulling, dragging, grasping, pinching very easily deformed, or even appear more thread, off line, jump pin, broken line and holes and other issues This shows that the sewing process is poor. Therefore, the public should carefully check the purchase.

After buying plush toys, washing, care work is also crucial.

Plush toys because of special materials, it is easy to breed bacteria, mold, mites and so on. Close contact with children may cause harmful substances to inhale and affect their health. Therefore, to carefully read the product manual or label, and regular cleaning as required, repeatedly rinsed, and then get the sun drying until dry.

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